Iron fist season 2


Im not going to beat around the bush with this. I liked it more then season 1

Somehow though, I was still bored by iron fist. The story simple though it is, Felt like it could of been done in a few episodes ( and theyve shortened the episode tally! ). The action however Is alot better, praise to the actors and more importantly the stunt people. They did well. Loved the cast in general. Alice eve as typhoid mary was great,showing the different sides to mary. Davos was as one tracked an angry about it as he needed to be. Nice to see the meechums again i found them alot more likeable in this season. Colleen is still the best fighter on the show and the decisions regarding her character towards the end i found to be glowing. Danny i think was better in luke cage season 2. I wanted the more hippy chi focused costumed danny Rand. WHERES THE COSTUME!!

The end leaves off in an intriguing place and im looking forward to where season 3 goes. So i suppose in that regard marvel an netflix did there job. Season 2 had made me want to see season 3, bravo iron fist. Bravo

Its worth a watch. Its nowhere near as awful as iron fist season 1. But hopefully season 3 will follow through on the tantalising potential 2 has laid out!

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