New beginnings

its been a busy two weeks.

My son had a horrible throat infection ( that my daughter now has ). My car bust ( new car so of course ) oh and i did a little thing an left my job…for a brand new one!!


Terrified!! Excited!! But proud.  I was at tsa for nearly seven long years! But time was right to leave. I wanted progression, I wanted to better myself . I got a job working nights for premier inn / whitbread. Ill be working nights and i cannot wait!! My new boss is lovely, ive only met one other member of my team properly and she was pretty cool too. It was a daunting scary thing leaving. Id kept my eye out for a job and something with this one just clicked. Excited for the future,sometimes change is just what the soul needs


Ive still been doodling away. One of mine was recently turned into a tattoo. That felt amazing i was so humbled. A woman from school years whos now a professional singer wants me to design her merch an album stuff. Honored but ill give it a go. If the last few weeks have taught me anything, its just take the chance dont be scared!.


My car bust,the day before i met my new team member !! ( Sods law ). It wasnt a cheap fix either, coil pack had apparently disintergrated. I have always had whats referred to as ” bangers ” this is the first new car i have had,and i have spent this year alone..nearly nine hundred pound on repairs just this year! Every “banger” i have had i had no problems… apart from the odd head gasket blow at the end of life!! ( When cars ready for the old scrap heap in the sky ) such is life though.


Started moving my house around and getting ready to decorate. Fresh start all around i think . The kids are doing great at school. Both of them have been battling a nasty tonsillitis virus on an off. Daughters currently hit with it bless her. Shes vegetating in her new bedroom with netflix on and a bowl of mash. ( When life was soooo easy ) logans had me watching the 1980s transformer’s movie repeatedly, to the point where if i hear that song again i might scream. I love that hes such a little geek, but my god he loves that movie ( send help )

giphy (2)

Monday morning is going to feel very strange. Im going to stay up sunday night an get my body clock started for the switch. Hopefully that will get me prepped for the new life. Christmas seems to be coming faster and faster every year! My towns got its lights up. The shops are filled and im not grinching. Im looking forward to christmas this year.

Its October!!

Hope your all ok

Take care




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