Sleep whats that?

So im two weeks into my new night job looking after a hotel,and iv discovered true tiredness!!

The first week was a killer,i think i had 10 hours sleep all week. ( Zombie absolute zombie ) after that though something seemed to click and i encountered a new problem…i cant sleep at night on my rota’d days off. ( What is this madness )


All sillyness aside,I am loving my new job. My team is lovely and helpful,my new boss is all kinds of awesome. I have coursework to do ( done loads already) and im really enjoying the responsibility it all entails. Prepping breakfast though….I spend an hour on a morning prepping yummy juices an even tastier pasties for other people!! They smell devine ( taste it told..) its cruelty!! I love it really though. I dont even mind washing up ( an i hate washing up!! )


The kids have been sick on an off with bad throats and now there both on half term. So the real test will be balancing them with sleep ( maybe i can convince the 5 year old to have a really long nap with daddy ) i had to buy a new tumble dryer as the last one caught fire ( the one time i use it, it burst into flames!! ) Like i said previously machines malfunction around me!!

giphy (3)

I finished Spiderman on ps4, and its bloody brilliant. Its Amazing its Spectacular its superior its the ultimate spiderman experience ( geeks will see what i did there). The new red dead redemption 2 game is out but i dont fancy it. Rockstar the creators of grand theft auto,make incredible open world games but there a bit long in the tooth for me. Lately if i game at all ive been dabbling in destiny 2. It was free from playstation plus so why not? Dlc and activision money grabbing aside its a well made fun game to play at its core..charging full prices of a game for dlc though is a bit..well mickey taking.

Game-DLC-Memegiphy (4)

I watched daredevil season 3 again a great show. However if it ends up cancelled now like the other marvel shows id be ok with it. Im not sure where else they could go. Tried the new sabrina show on netflix..and fell asleep so i will get back to you on that one. Iv actually been rewatching luther and sherlock..fantastic shows, never get tired of them.

giphy (5).gif

The kids are getting on great at there new schools. Logans been invited to pretty much a birthday party every weekend. Great for him im glad hes making friends. Even ive started being friendly with some parents,this sitting in corner with my head down doesn’t seem to be working at this school. He went to halloween at school dressed as a ghost an he looked wicked. We kept getting stopped by teachers and parents telling him he looked cool bless him.


Drawings going well, i got asked to do another tattoo so i penciled letos joker from suicide squad. Its got a good response an im proud of it. Iv also started doing this comicbook to movie project where i draw a character in his comicbook form and then my fave movie costume next to it. Drawings still relaxing but i had to stop for a bit as my pad broke. It took every ounce of geekery in me to fix it which thankfully i managed ( one of the ribbons inside had come lose )


All in all things are going well, im happy the kids are happy. Took holly out for a lunch date friday where she attempted a lasagne bigger then her!!(good attempt mind you, proud) and serahs alot happier and in a great place great for all the family.Hopefully it will all continue. Someone is always worse off and talking fixes all. However low you get there is always someone who will listen,someone who cares.


Take care



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