R.i.p Stan Lee

the world has lost a creator but what a life.

Stan Lee,the creator of marvel geekiness ala Spiderman,fantastic four,ironman,and many more,has passed aged 95.what a life what a legacy.


Whilst the geek and pop culture world mourns, i have to think of the life he lead,the kindness he showed to everyone he met  regardless of orientation colour or sexuality he defended them in his stories. The comic cons he attended with the stories he had to repeat but still did it with a smile,the love he had for his wife. Everything about the man was just awesome. He was a hero to so many.


Me personally he gave me my heroes,I started reading spiderman at a young age. When raimis first movie came out that was my religion!. The xmen movie was the first of his many movie cameos that introduced him to a new generation. Cameos getting funnier and funnier,there isnt a generation now who doesnt know who this man is.

giphy (2)

I honestly think it will be the same for generations to come. Like Shakespeare before his work and legacy will love on forever .How ever many movies writers and artists touch these characters. It all came from Stan lee. Thank you Stan for giving a little geek heroes to look up too, as well as being a guy to apsire to be like. Kind, honest ,time for everyone and a fantastic creator. Rip and excelsior


Take care



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