Burn out

Hey you, its been a while….


As the title suggests ive major burn out from december and christmas. I pumped alot of hours in at work arranging to double pay bills in January, so i had enough for xmas for the kids and travelling for family.


I loved being with my family. My grandparents my cousins an all our kids it was magical. Seeing zak my first born was 100 hundred percent worthit. That kids going to be something,hes so bright and crazy funny so proud of him.

giphy (2)

Work though has been non stop. I havent had a weekend off in an age,and thanks to the tax man and o2 ( who decided to charge me my bill 4 times ) january pay day wasnt worth the ball busting. So taking julias ( shes this funny,mouthy lass i work with,she looks after me,she can stay )  and im going to stick to the middle ground with my hours. Or this nightshift experiment is going to fail,to be honest it feels like its already failing.

giphy (1).gif

Im hoping its just burn out,i havent had a full night sleep in a while,grabbing nap hours where i can here and there. Im coming up on over a week off though and im really looking forward to it ( holidays had to be used)

giphy (4).gif

Burn out across the board, im burnt out at work,at home, i was even burnt out on gaming ( till i got resident evil 2 for my birthday and oh my god its its amazing!! ) I was burnt out writing. But like i said in an old post ” its ok not to be ok,its ok to take time off” .

Doodles on me bed 😊

Health wise im doing ok,i have an operation in April and ive already booked my dad to look after me lol. Recently got a pretty much new cross trainer off facebook for 15 quid an absolute steal. I have every intention of having a go while im off ( ………honest )

giphy (5)

My social life is getting good,i made friends at work there are outings,there was birthday treats there has been drinks an giggles. Im a happy hartley there,loving it…but they opened this can of geeky clumsy worms..

giphy (6)


There was a birthday and geek life is still strong.I got a deadpool comic and a gift box from work and some cool t shirts, resident evil 2 and my mum sent me some awesome drawing bits and a really cheeky adult colouring book. 32!! Where does the time go. Im still drawing alot,ive done a few bits an pieces for people. I keep getting asked why i dont charge but that feels cheeky i wouldnt even know what to ask for and honestly i just enjoy doing it.


Gaming has been good, i finished ps4 spiderman ( fantastic game but the dlc let it down i think ) we got spyro remake ( beautiful game kids love it ) and battlefield 5 ( unfinished glitchy boring mess of a game ) i have come to the conclusion i dont like online games ( except destiny ) battle royales are all the rage ( fortnite ) and i am terrible at them. I dont know why there just not for me. I did recently download the free apex game and that was fantastic little game ( but i got my ass kicked straight away every time,at one point they made me squad leader and i knew…this will not end well….it didnt). I tried that anthem beta,its basically a destiny rip off built using the mass effect andromeda engine..not expecting miracles here its EA,but andromeda grew on me…helped it was free though.

giphy (7).gif

Movies,Iv seen a fair bit to be honest. Bumblebee,transformers movie i took logan he watched the whole thing. Brilliant heartfelt little movie. Venom, wow did this movie get some guff of the critics,but i loved it tom hardy was a great eddie brock. Crimes of grindelwald, the Harry potter sequel to the prequel..i liked it but it felt fillery wasnt a real story. The nutcracker, whole family went logan fidgeted but to be honest it was a nice xmas movie we liked it. Meg..yea you got pretty much what was on the poster,giant shark only statham could stop it ..of course..wasnt bad. Aquaman ..that was awesome ,it shouldnt of been but dam it was good. Robin hood, Taron egerton starred new spin…id like those 2 hours back please..Once upon a deadpool,i fell asleep..could blame that on work..deadpool should never be 12a or pg it doesnt work. Spiderman into the spiderverse,another family trip to the movies but so worthit what a bloody movie that was!! Fantastic really was. My kids still singing all the songs from it.

giphy (8).gif

So thats where ill leave things for now. Im Happy just a tired bunny. The people in my life everyday i could keep forever. Theres no negatives just positivity giggles and love. Kids are happy, daughters had few issues at school but thats getting nailed at parents evening tomorrow. Daddy doesnt like bullies .

giphy (9)
There no cure for being a xxxx


So i hope your all ok,nice to be back

Take care



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