Mothers day

Happy mothers day to all the mothers your beautiful you have earned your day in the sun.


Its a time to treat there partners, there wives there loved ones. If they birthed you a child you give them sunday off..they made another human!! An squeezed it out of your favourite hole.

So yes on this day you do the dishes. Mum gets the tv,you do the cooking,your at the kids heck and call. Change the nappies , bath the kids. Run your partner a bath, dish out a few candles make ger a brew or pour her a wine. Im not one for consumer holidays. I appreciate my mum my nan and kids mum everyday. I try to do my part everyday to show the appreciation for what they do and for gifting me a child ( who is a super villain,but still )

I spent my weekend home in Luton,with my mum and my nanna. I loved it, we had a spread on,the kids ran around the garden like loons ( i may or may not have chased them.) It was beautiful. None of us would be here without our mums or our mums mums and so on. And while we dont need a day to make them feel special its imperative we take the time to do so.

And if mums not here we remember them, all the laughters and the smiles and the love they gave us.

So heres to mothers day. I love you mum xx

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