Back to work nerves,and kicking it’s intact butt.

I'm nevous, tomorrow is the day after few weeks recovering from butt surgery I return to work. I don't know why I am nervous,it isn't my fault I ended up in hospital and my boss was perfectly understanding but still nerves. All my life I've been driven by my anxieties an pleasing others.cowardly ? maybe... Continue Reading →

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Happy Easter everybody where ever an who ever you are. Whatever faith we all enjoy a good long weekend off. I haven't done alot on mine , still recovering from previous surgery.i have spent my weekend watching Netflix an eating a big Easter egg (I no I'm a fatty ,but Easters allowed I'm sure it's... Continue Reading →

best friends

"Let's be best friends" I was ten year old when I literally said that to one Mr Harris.. I don't have the luxury of many friends I'm more of a I can count them on one hand guy.  I'm shy with new people an I'm not good with social things. I had a small group... Continue Reading →

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