School gymnasium – a memory

im currently sat on an old school gymnasium bench, You know the kind right? The ones that make your fun hole more a fidgety pain but some how still numb hole?. Im watching holly (the daughter) do gymnastics ( they say gymnastics, but really it looks like a bunch of girls rolling round on the... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye fair well to an emigrating loved one.

This is a hard write. My  mum's moving to Ireland. I'm happy for her the place of my ancestry is beautiful worthy of jealousy and a well earned retirement. Over the years we lost our closeness through health and moving away and disagreements,if I could turn back time I would but that's life. My mum's... Continue Reading →

80 years of the superman

My first memory of seeing the big blue scout was the nineteen seventies movie. you will believe a man can fly was the movie had me fooled. I was a boy probably seven or eight years old when I first watched Christopher reeve, fly out of the fortress to those infamous orchestra beats for the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful england-lake district

england can be beautiful country. Maybe it's getting out of the cities and the bustling towns,but as a colourblind guy I have seen amazing colours this weekend.  We went away for the weekend to Ullswater,staying at the lovely and accomodating Ullswater holiday park. It's a great site simple and friendly with amenities on site. Going... Continue Reading →

Camping and the lakes

Tomorrow I'm going to my favourite part of the country the lakes,Ullswater to be more precise. Ullswater near keswick along the a66 is beautiful,nothing but sights and views and beautiful landscapes an water. We either stay at haven in Lakeland (end of may) or Ullswater holiday park. Tomorrow is the latter. We recently got two... Continue Reading →

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Happy Easter everybody where ever an who ever you are. Whatever faith we all enjoy a good long weekend off. I haven't done alot on mine , still recovering from previous surgery.i have spent my weekend watching Netflix an eating a big Easter egg (I no I'm a fatty ,but Easters allowed I'm sure it's... Continue Reading →

Peter Pan ,that explains alot

As part of my son Logan an me's saturday morning rituals of Disney movies.todays choice was Peter Pan. My son sat glued to the floor (my son is 4 he sits still for nothing not even in his sleep...seriously help) he bopped to the music an laughed an squeeled with joy. And after 25 years...I was... Continue Reading →

Star wars…a hearts tale

Star wars is my first love.. I can honestly say that without a doubt.Now I was late to the star wars world.My family isn't big on fantasy unless it was R rated so star wars wasn't in my house.(plenty of RoboCop xfiles and terminator though) parenting done right obviously..though I can see now why I... Continue Reading →

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