Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Happy Easter everybody where ever an who ever you are. Whatever faith we all enjoy a good long weekend off. I haven't done alot on mine , still recovering from previous surgery.i have spent my weekend watching Netflix an eating a big Easter egg (I no I'm a fatty ,but Easters allowed I'm sure it's... Continue Reading →

Chubby Hartley-Walking..I’m not ready to run.

Saturdays should be spent sprawled out on the sofa. But that's the old thinking.If I'm going to shift any blubber I need to exercise,perilous though that thought is.Sat in the house today with mini me (Logan...yes after wolverine..geek remember) watching numberjacks in our PJ's at 11am. A thought popped in my head (amazingly because that show... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday ponder

Is Tuesday the longest hardest day of the week? .. (I think it might be) some call Wednesday hump day! But I see a Wednesday as a half way there the weekend is in sight(then watch it fly by your face like a bullet released by dead shot himself, suddenly it's Monday an your sat there throwing... Continue Reading →

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