Black panther Vs killmonger,the movie review

I loved this movie it's not my favourite in the MCU ... Saturday night I saw this in a packed cinema two weeks after release an the qué was out the door!!. I’m glad we got there early enough to get a seat and snacks. Anxious I waited for this movie to begin. I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Star wars…a hearts tale

Star wars is my first love.. I can honestly say that without a doubt.Now I was late to the star wars world.My family isn't big on fantasy unless it was R rated so star wars wasn't in my house.(plenty of RoboCop xfiles and terminator though) parenting done right obviously..though I can see now why I... Continue Reading →

Geek life

I am a geek.. I admit it I have a problem Well.. Not really a problem I've been a massive geek as far back as I can remember!!  If I had to blame something it would be batman the animated series (awesome) and mighty morphin power rangers!(upon re watching with my 4year old I cringe,... Continue Reading →

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