A novel idea – p.s thank you readers.

So i had this bright idea to write a novel. Bright ideas dont happen to me too often,an when they do it turns out its not so bright. I am however pushing forward with this one. ( Im a serial quitter, massively hard on myself complex ) i mapped out my characters, the synopsis the... Continue Reading →

Avengers infinity war in preperation

Thursday is the day.    my tickets are booked for Middlesbrough cinema for what is an exciting movie. Avengers infinity war what  is said to be the end of ten years of cinema fun.  Out of all the movies in the mcu the only one I'm not keen on is iron man 3. I loved... Continue Reading →

best friends

"Let's be best friends" I was ten year old when I literally said that to one Mr Harris.. I don't have the luxury of many friends I'm more of a I can count them on one hand guy.  I'm shy with new people an I'm not good with social things. I had a small group... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday ponder

Is Tuesday the longest hardest day of the week? .. (I think it might be) some call Wednesday hump day! But I see a Wednesday as a half way there the weekend is in sight(then watch it fly by your face like a bullet released by dead shot himself, suddenly it's Monday an your sat there throwing... Continue Reading →

Geek life

I am a geek.. I admit it I have a problem Well.. Not really a problem I've been a massive geek as far back as I can remember!!  If I had to blame something it would be batman the animated series (awesome) and mighty morphin power rangers!(upon re watching with my 4year old I cringe,... Continue Reading →

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