R.I.P. Harlan Ellison

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The prolific writer of numerous iconic SF works has died…

Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison: one of the all-time greats of literary and screen SF (image used for illustrative purposes only, no copyright infringement intended).

The news on Thursday of the death of Harlan Ellison marks the loss of one of science fiction’s most iconic writers and whose contribution to the genre and storytelling in general cannot be understated.  Notoriously protective of his works, Ellison’s career encompassed an impressive range of material from short stories and novellas to comic books and television scripts that would become highly regarded and influential.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio on 27th May 1934, Harlan Ellison’s journey as a writer began after holding a series of odd jobs and having his stories published in titles such as Amazing Stories and Fantastic Science Fiction before serving in the U.S. Army between 1957 and 1959.  Work in television would…

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Pardon mrs ardon,theres a chick in my garden.

Nature is a wonderful thing,it can also be a stroppy mare!!. This time last year i spent a weekend and a few hundred quid, doing up my little garden for the kids. I sweated i lost my temper i hammered my thumb ( i got massive splinters )  the point is,it looked amazing... I was... Continue Reading →

Fathers day

I had a difficult relationship with my dad growing up. Since hitting adulthood weve grown alot closer,past stuff left in the past. I now have kids of my own ( obvious from the bags under the eyes ) and they adore my dad and vice versa. My dad is a massive wind up merchant (... Continue Reading →

Hartley games-E3 day one

E3 is upon us,the comic con for gamers. Up first was the corporate beast known as EA.  EA had already announced its big titles, before its E3 keynote. But it brought with them a number of smaller announcements, including a new indie game that’s launched last night ( unravel two,yarnie is a cute little platformer)... Continue Reading →

Holiday took my nipple

So i arrived home thursday from camping in the lakes. It was a nice little break, glorius weather with clear skies an ridiculous heat. Tent went up easy enough and after unpacking,off we went for tea. Returning from tea it was still 28 degrees, so i challenged the boy to a pew pew water gun... Continue Reading →

Camping time is near!!

please god let the weather stay glorious. So the car is packed ,the clothes ironed and packed. The four year olds picked his toys ( half his bedroom ) and the daughters got her books and I have my comics. This year we're going to lakeland in flookburgh ( yes that is what its called,yes... Continue Reading →

Hartley @ the movies, Solo a star wars story

purists may never be fully satisfied with any prequel that revisits beloved original characters.but this movie does the best attempt in recent years. Solo a star wars story is here and Ehrenreich deserves props for going above pure imitation. He and Glover ( lando ) make their legendary characters their own, even if audiences must... Continue Reading →

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