A house full of flu, and work to do..

Apologies for not having a blog for few days life as it inevitably does, caught up..  My house has been full of stomach flu since Friday.. (I'm still clearing it up) a lot of missing toilets an self professed dying (the mess you lot of made of my brand new sofas I might let you... Continue Reading →

I have Levelled up.. Not ageing.. Nope not me

Today I have reached level 31... I prefer that term to I'm 31 today.. I'm 31 all year.. Iv reached level 31, like the rpg video games I love so much,where you gain experience to progress an get wiser an stronger. I've adopted this method because it's much the same in life. Year to year... Continue Reading →

Geek life

I am a geek.. I admit it I have a problem Well.. Not really a problem I've been a massive geek as far back as I can remember!!  If I had to blame something it would be batman the animated series (awesome) and mighty morphin power rangers!(upon re watching with my 4year old I cringe,... Continue Reading →

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