Hartley games-Dragon Ball fighter Z, Review

I'm a big anime fan. Dragon ball z was my first anime love. I love games, an someone at Bandai was kind enough to throw it all in a bottle an make this beauty...  There are some great parts to this game , like an open-world menu layout with what is called chibi (means super mini cute... Continue Reading →

My first ever blog seemed an accurate description 

I'm about to engage on a new chapter in my life.(this could be bad but right now I'm excited/stuck on the loo nervous) It comes to a point where paying out a wage on childcare fees is a bit silly and pointless an heartbreaking.changes had to be made! My kids mum loves her job mine... Continue Reading →

Geek life

I am a geek.. I admit it I have a problem Well.. Not really a problem I've been a massive geek as far back as I can remember!!  If I had to blame something it would be batman the animated series (awesome) and mighty morphin power rangers!(upon re watching with my 4year old I cringe,... Continue Reading →

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