Drawing, doodling, a colourblind geeks colouring life experience

I was about 8 years old when I was told I was colourblind.. I had painted a tree in art class an all the kids were laughing at me. The teacher actually told me off for not listening to her, when she told me what colour the tree was supposed to be painted..thing is I... Continue Reading →

A house full of flu, and work to do..

Apologies for not having a blog for few days life as it inevitably does, caught up..  My house has been full of stomach flu since Friday.. (I'm still clearing it up) a lot of missing toilets an self professed dying (the mess you lot of made of my brand new sofas I might let you... Continue Reading →

best friends

"Let's be best friends" I was ten year old when I literally said that to one Mr Harris.. I don't have the luxury of many friends I'm more of a I can count them on one hand guy.  I'm shy with new people an I'm not good with social things. I had a small group... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday ponder

Is Tuesday the longest hardest day of the week? .. (I think it might be) some call Wednesday hump day! But I see a Wednesday as a half way there the weekend is in sight(then watch it fly by your face like a bullet released by dead shot himself, suddenly it's Monday an your sat there throwing... Continue Reading →

Outings a fathers story

Sundays.... Bloody Sundays.. Aren't they rubbish? TV is normally a let down your normally getting over the day before!  an dreading the working day after.. I try to beat this by taking my kids out on days out normally to a beach front somewhere!.(I live in North East of England there's plenty to choose from)... Continue Reading →

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