Fear, scared, frightened, of change

I'm scared... For the first time in a long time, I feel fear an I'm frightened. I'm about to leave a stable job an it's terrifying me.. Iv worked since I was sixteen I'm thirty one Sunday, with only one small break of four months in between(redundancy and the recession of 09 sucked harder then... Continue Reading →

Reading to my son… An Adventure

Iv started finding pure joy in the little things in life.. One of these is reading to my 4 year old, he loves books as much as his dad does. (and comics.. My fault sorry not sorry) The kids got more books then I do!! Which is expected (granted half of them are Thomas the... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday ponder

Is Tuesday the longest hardest day of the week? .. (I think it might be) some call Wednesday hump day! But I see a Wednesday as a half way there the weekend is in sight(then watch it fly by your face like a bullet released by dead shot himself, suddenly it's Monday an your sat there throwing... Continue Reading →

A Monday survival guide part 1..

Mondays... Arggg.. That alarm goes off (I did not throw it out the window... It flew itself) snoozing for 5 minutes 3 times equates to 15 minutes still in bed(i know maths).  Its now half 6.. I start work at 7, the kids are still asleep the battle to begin the day begins... My kids... Continue Reading →

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